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[team_member image_url=”396″ name=”Mr. Pang” role=”age 60″]“Ever since I consume Purigene CLASSIC HERBAL TONIC for the past 6 months, I do feel I have better stamina especially when I participated in the mountain climbing activity.”[/team_member]
[team_member image_url=”399″ name=”Ms. Ng” role=”age 65″]“I am glad that Purigene is now able to provide me with the convenience of getting this healthy drink. Now I have more time to enjoy doing what I like without needing the hassle of preparing this healthy drink by myself, and the most, the price is really VALUE for money!”[/team_member]
[team_member image_url=”398″ name=”Mr. Tan” role=”age 65″]“After drinking Purigene CLASSIC HERBAL TONIC, I realised that the veins of my legs have subsided.” [/team_member]
[team_member image_url=”403″ name=”Mr. Chiam” role=”age 50″]“All this while I have been troubled about my artery blockage. But now with drinking Purigene CLASSIC HERBAL TONIC I have lesser worry because I do feel that my heart beats more at ease now.”[/team_member]
[team_member image_url=”403″ name=”Ms. Cheng” role=”age 62″]“I used to have difficulty raising up my hands to comb my hair and even to wear my shirt. Ever since I consume Purigene CLASSIC HERBAL TONIC for the past 3 months, I can now easily lift up my hands to scratch my back!”[/team_member]