7 Health Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider

7 Health Benefits of Drinking Apple Cider

How it can help :-

1) It can help to lose weight
– A study was made on people who took vinegar daily for
twelve weeks lost slightly more vinegar.

2) It may help with bad breath
– The vinegar`s anti-bacterial properties may help break down
plaque and kill bacteria.

3) It protects your heart

4) It keeps blood sugar levels in check
– Apple cider vinegar can help with diabetes and blood sugar

5) It aids digestion
– It aids digestion by encouraging the growth of healthy

6) It prevents cancer
– Apple cider vinegar is rich in polyphenols, which can help
fight oxidative stress.

7) It balances your PH levels
– Apple cider can help restore alkalinity in the body which
can boost metabolism and strengthen immunity.

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