6 Ways To Relieve Constipation

Constipation is very common. Almost everyone is familiar with the signs abdominal bloating, straining, lumpy and hard stools.

Common Causes and Best Cures
– Constipation is often caused by lifestyle factors such as not eating enough fibre, not drinking enough fluids and not exercising regularly as well as mental health issues such as stress, depression and anxiety. Supplements such as calcium and iron can also cause constipation. Here are the 6 ways to get things moving :

1) Eat more fibre
– It is recommended you have 25 to 50 grams of fibre a day. Food
with lots of fibre include cereals such as wheat germ and bran,
whole – wheat and rye flours, grainy breads, fresh fruits (berries
mostly), dried fruits, vegetables and legumes such as chickpeas,
lentils and beans. Increase fibre intake to avoid getting gas or
diarrhea or worsening constipation.

2) Exercise regularly
– Be physically active at least three time a week for 30 minutes or
more. It helps stimulates your intestinal muscles to work more

3) Drink lots of water
– Drink eight glasses of water a day as it lubricates the intestine
and also moistens the food you eat, aiding its flow through your

4) Lose the stress
– Stress has a huge effect on bowel function. The brain and
bowel are highly interconnected.When the brain is under stress,
the bowel is too. People who are stressed are less likely to
exercise and eat nutritious food.

5) Stick with a regular routine
– Bowel movements occur according to the body`s internal. When
you ignore the urge to go to the bathroom, there`s more time for
water to be extracted from the stools into the body, making them
harder to pass.

6) Be prepared for travel
– Is best to drink a lot of water and when eating out, choosing
menu items with fruit and vegetables in them. Pack some
granola bars as it have high-fibre and bring along your running
shoes with you so that you can get some exercise.